Ami Doll has been stripped bare and wears no hair

How many people have a heart?

Our mission is to spread hair loss awareness around the globe 🌍 We are a hair extensions boutique that believe beauty is within the eye of the beholder. Ami Doll has been stripped bare and wears no hair. She represents the inner empowerment to uplift in ones inner self.
We at Real Hair London believe in, empowerment in ones self. What does empowerment mean to you?
For me, empowerment stems from deep within. This is something that sits at the core of your centre. That inner gut feeling you get when your natural instincts kick in to full effect.

Ami Doll was created in my mind and brought to life in the form of Augmented Reality. Also known as AR in todays modern day technology world. How amazing would it be for my shoppers and stoppers to view my products in the closest form of reality, right from the comfort of their own home. In the midst of lockdown this appeared to be a task for me, especially with no physical contact allowed. Ami Doll has definitely been a mind blower to configure and i can safely say that she is the First Female Mannequin to ever be created in Augmented Reality. I sat pondering for months, days and hours trying to find the best solution. Fast forward a few months later + hours of brainstorming and tons of coffee. I probably still have some mugs pilled up at the kitchen sink... Just kidding 👀 😅 I created Ami Doll in Augmented Reality 🪄


Creation: Female Mannequin Head And Bust Augmented Reality Ami Doll

Trademarked: Real Hair London Ltd

Director & Creator of project Ami Doll: April Brew

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Click this link to view Ami Doll in Augmented Reality 👈 


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