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The Real Hair London Double Luxe Collection is iconic and in a class of its own. Maximise the volume as we serve you thicker, fuller bundles that last much longer than any other type of hair you will ever own. Real Hair London Double Luxe Silk Hair Special is accompanied with a lightweight bouncy airy feel, the shake is just unbelievable and the hair movement is definitely a show stopping moment in time! Each hair strand is thick from root to tips as it is double drawn hair strands, resulting in the most beautiful, luxurious, bouncy rich hair you will ever see! Our Double Luxe textures at Real Hair London are to die for! Packed full of life and joy in every single wear. KK Quick Glueless Wig comes in natural colour 1b, and is perfect for bleaching or dying. You can restyle continuously and our Double Luxe hair will still stand up to the test of time.


  • Wig name: KK Quick Glueless Wig
  • Wig type: 13” x 4”, Very secured quick glueless daily wig. The elastic band strap and wig comb will guarantee a very secured fitting, allowing you to wear the wig completely glueless and adhesive free. No worries, no fuss and no mess with KK Quick Glueless wig
  • Length: 12” semi A line cut (if you would prefer straight blunt cut instead. Please leave a note on your order)
  • Hair colour: Natural colour 1b
  • Hair texture: Double Luxe Silk Hair Special + illusion scalp + illusion hairline with wispy baby hairs
  • Free parting: Yes
  • Illusion hairline: Yes
  • Pre-plucked: Yes
  • Bleached knots: Yes
  • Baby hairs: Yes
  • Lace type: Thin swiss lace
  • Lace colour: Transparent or medium brown (please leave a note on order)
  • Cap size: Small-medium 22.5”. If choosing a larger cap size, please leave note on order or we will send a small-medium cap size
  • Cap material: Cool, all seasons breathable spandex
  • Elastic band: Yes
  • Wig comb: Yes
  • Hand made: Yes 

Additional info

Real Hair London Wigs have a very natural scalp like appearance. We call it “illusion lace or illusion hairline“. Our wigs are very versatile and can be re-styled. You will be able to style and part anywhere on the lace like its your real scalp. Our lace has been become a top internet sensation and ranks at #1 on the market due to our fine quality selection and popular demand. You will be able to achieve a seamless blend between your skin and the lace nobody will ever know. Our lace will become your best kept secret!

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