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Lexxi 360

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Lexxi serves practicality and versatility combined at its best to give you suitability for any occasion. Lexxi has the capabilities of tying her up into a very high ponytail including various exclusive updo’s to match any occasion. Featuring a beautiful 360 transparent lace wig. Real Hair London infamous custom hand plucked illusion hairline techniques + bleached knots and baby hairs along the perimeter of her hairline. Step into the new casual daily look with our super fresh day and night and every occasion wig. Need a quick fix on the go? Real Hair London wigs are tailored to do just that. Our wigs are glueless so this makes it very easy to put on. We secure the lace by adding elastic bands, wig combs or wig grips where necessary to our wigs. Secure your lace today by adding Lexxi 360 to your wig collection. She’s the perfect match to any outfit you can basically dig up from your closet and any occasion you wish to attend.

  • Wig name: Lexxi
  • Hair length: 22”
  • Wig type: 360 lace wig
  • Density: 350%
  • Perfect scalp to skin blend. Featuring our infamous illusion scalp + hairline
  • Hair colour: Custom colour 2 tones sombre mixed brown
  • Hair texture: Indian finest luxury 100% raw human hair, extreme curly, delicately harvested to ensure quality at its maximum
  • Hairstyle: Free parting, doll displays centre but can be restyled as desired, no prominent plucked parting. This wig can be parted anywhere on the 360 lace. Can tie up into a very high ponytail, including styled updo’s. Baby hairs included around the perimeter of the hairline
  • Density: 250%
  • Free parting: Yes
  • Illusion hairline: Yes
  • Pre-plucked: Yes
  • Bleached knots: Yes
  • Baby hairs: Yes
  • Lace type: Thin swiss lace
  • Lace colour: Transparent lace
  • Cap size: Small-medium 22.5”
  • Cap material: Cool spandex
  • Elastic band: Yes
  • Wig comb: Yes
  • Hand made: Yes

Additional info

Real Hair London Wigs have a very natural scalp like appearance. We call it “illusion lace or illusion hairline“. Our wigs are very versatile and can be re-styled. You will be able to style and part anywhere on the lace like its your real scalp. Our lace has been become a top internet sensation and ranks at #1 on the market due to our fine quality selection and popular demand. You will be able to achieve a seamless blend between your skin and the lace nobody will ever know. Our lace will become your best kept secret!

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