Collection: Asia Collection

The Asia Collection boasts premium, superior hair quality, providing a long-lasting softness. Made with 100% human hair, this collection is ideal for those looking to achieve salon-grade hairstyles. Featuring natural-looking textures, smoothness and lustre, making it the perfect choice for creating your desired hairstyle. The Asia Collection is designed for durability, ensuring you make a lasting impression, providing a timeless and fashionable look.

Essential luxury

Model with red lipstick long brown hair and fringe looking to the corner of her eyes posing for photoshoot

Double Luxe Collection

The Double Luxe Collection is the epitome of luxury, crafted with a... 

Mannequin collection

Our mannequin collection is filled with high-quality pieces that can be used to showcase a range of garments and other items. Every mannequin is made with durable materials and boasts a realistic design, helping you create unforgettable displays that grab attention. This collection offers professional realistic female mannequin heads including shoulders and bust. Select your skin…