Collection: Custom Services

At Real Hair London we offer our customers a selection of custom tailored services. See our current list below to make your selection.

Wig Making service✖️ (coming back in stock)
Custom Hair colouring Service ✖️ (coming back in stock)
Professional Lace Wig Hairline Cutting Service ✔️

Gift Wrapping Service ✔️

Gift Message Service ✔️

Essential luxury

Double Luxe Collection

The Double Luxe Collection is the epitome of luxury, crafted with a... 

Mannequin collection

Our mannequin collection is filled with high-quality pieces that can be used to showcase a range of garments and other items. Every mannequin is made with durable materials and boasts a realistic design, helping you create unforgettable displays that grab attention. This collection offers professional realistic female mannequin heads including shoulders and bust. Select your skin…