Product information

Real Hair London hair extensions and lace wig systems are all made with 100% raw human hair. Our wigs are glue-less and also suitable for glueing on, using lace wig tape, sewn in or it can be worn securely as it is. Our wigs are tailored and customised to meet your individual needs. We make wigs that are comfortable, durable and made to fit.


Model showing Hd lace wig hairline


Introducing the purest hair to our clients, our collections is 100% unprocessed, authentic raw human hair with cuticles running in the same direction. The Real Hair London collections is iconic and in a class of its own. It can be straight, wavy or curly and is hand blended to match the colour and texture in your required hair lengths.

Our bespoke hair collection is superior and renowned for its high quality and duration of use.

Our Double Luxe collection is delicately constructed and machine reinforced with the finest, 100% raw authentic European human hair. Thick from root to tips with naturally tapered ends which allows for real natural flow and easy movement. The Real Hair London Double Luxe collection is remy hair that is easily manageable and does not tangle or mat. You can restyle our Double Luxe hair continuously and it will still stand up to the test of time to be extremely durable.


The Real Hair London collection of wigs and hairpieces are handmade to your special requirements, ensuring a perfect snug fit, like a glove feeling secure.


Real Hair London made to measure wig block canvas


Our handmade wigs and full lace wig systems are expertly designed on made to measure tailored wig blocks, ensuring a perfect fit like a glove feeling. When you place your order and provide us with your head circumference measurements. A template mould of your head is taken, which is then padded up on to your own personal wig block.

Your foundation is completely handmade on this block ensuring a perfect fit, using our exclusive lightweight lace material. Your custom head size measurements will be kept in storage just for you, for any future orders you may make. Your head size can be added in the note section of your cart when placing your order.


Our bespoke wig foundations are all handmade using a super fine, extra strong foundation material, invented by and exclusive to Real Hair London.


Milk And Cookies Wig with extra fine lace for film and Hd


Our bespoke wig foundations are all handmade using a super fine, extra strong foundation material, invented by and exclusive to Real Hair London.

Our foundations are strong yet light to the touch, weighing less than a gram and it appears virtually invisible against the skin. Our real human hair wigs are comfortable, durable, breathable and cool to wear whilst always feeling secure.


Our lace wig systems hairpieces and lace frontals have been individually master hand knotted strand by strand, following the pattern of your natural hair growth. 


Made to measure hand ventilated Hd lace wig for film and Hd


Real Hair London wigs look and feel natural, our wigs allow for easy movement just as human hair should be. Our hair systems remain prestigious. We believe in quality over quantity and strategically plan where we place each hair strand to result in the most beautiful natural looking head of hair.

We artfully and meticulously hand knot the hair strand by strand onto the lace foundation following the pattern and density of natural growing hair. Up to 75,000 hairs are singly hand knotted onto the wig foundation by our highly skilled knotters, this takes many hours of intricate and detailed work. These knots are then anchored to the ultra-fine base using a special process invented by and exclusive to Real Hair London, giving your wig a natural lift and bounce just like a natural head of hair.

By following the natural pattern of hair growth, the Real Hair London unique lace knotting method not only replicates the spiral of the crown, but also gives the flexibility to part the hair anywhere. Due to the transparency of the foundation material, the parting looks completely natural.


Our cap construction and wig base is individually tailored to meet the needs of extreme comfort and support.


Handmade lace wig cap


The foundation build of your final handmade hairpiece will include wig clips that we provide inside the wig to slide into your own hair. Our cap construction and wig base is individually tailored to meet the needs of extreme comfort and support.

Depending on how you wish to wear your wig, some wig wearers will opt to have a wig band that is easily attached to the inside of the wig for extra security or use our double sided lace wig tape.


We use the latest technology, our industrial heavy duty sewing machines reinforce stability and durability in our wig foundations.


High spec industrial sewing machine


We machine sew stitches forwards and in reverse. This is usually done to secure a seam at the beginning and end to prevent unraveling on our wigs and lace foundations.

Our industrial machine has a motor that is 60% stronger than a standard sewing machine motor, allowing us to sew at a higher stitching speed per minute to obtain professional looking quality results.


Real Hair London wigs are matched to your desired colour, texture, length and degree of curl.



Once your wig has been hand knotted and gone through all our unique finishing processes, your wig or hairpiece is ready to be tagged with our authenticity seal, beautifully packaged and sent to you.

Your new real human hair wig will be easy to wash and style at home, using the Real Hair London accessories. Our mannequins are designed exclusively for your Real Hair London wig.

We will also show you how to fit and care for your bespoke human hair wig and provide you with a filmed tutorial to view at your leisure. For more information about our human hair wigs or to book a consultation, please get in touch today.